for your lifestyle.

We design and create spaces to be experienced. If we wouldn't want to live and experience the space ourselves, then we don't design it.

A home should be designed for the families, friends and table flipping game nights that will create memories that last. Modal is as interested in the vision of your lifestyle as we are the vision for your home.

new build DESIGN

Time to start your dream home? We're here to manage the process and keep things on track, working with the right team to deliver your home.

We have been working in the residential new build space for a while - we've got the know how to keep your stress down, and the project moving forward. Having spent time working on complex, bespoke design, and straight forward lifestyle spaces - We've seen it all.


Renovations are a great way to reinvent your home and create new spaces to suit your lifestyle - with a little bit of the homes history in the mix.

Like new builds, we specialise in the renovation space. Having worked on prefabrication theory, renovations of all scales, developments and more - We know how to address any kind of renovation and guide you through the process.


Planning your project is always going to be tricky - where do you even start?! At Modal, we have the experience to simplify the journey and introduce you to all the consultants required.


Modal is a human first design company... plus the family pets. We want to know about how you and the family will entertain and live in the spaces we create together.


Every project goes through development to turn the idea of your project, into a reality. Technical design methodology is built into our culture - this is where we thrive!


Modal started with the goal of addressing human first design. Homes and spaces that reflect the lifestyles of the people living there.

Having worked closely with builders, and not so close in some cases - it became clear that the designer / builder relationship needed to run side by side to create incredible spaces for people to live.

Modal has created design partnerships with a number of building companies. We help ensure your project runs smoothly from your first meeting through to move in day with well established industry relationships.

YOUR home?

We offer a free consultation to meet you in your home or on your new site.
Let's discuss your new dream home.